"Oh, that old suit in the back, however, it doesn't do anything. It has maybe three or four springlocks in the legs, but that's it. I used to love watchin' his show as a kid, but now, seein' him all broken and such? Hurts my heart." - Phone Guy

Fazbear was the 90's incarnation of Freddy Fazbear. Unlike his other forms, he was used in a TV show entitled "Fazbear!", instead of a pizzeria.


  • First game: Fazbear first appears on the Main Stage after the characters leave. Around 3 AM, he begins staring at the camera. At 5 AM, he disappears from the establishment completely.
  • Second game: He first appears in the Parts and Services, where he slumps in a corner up until 4 AM. At 5, he gets up and runs to the office. The only thing that can stop him is by flipping up the monitor when he reaches the Hallway.


Though his true personality is unknown, the TV show suggests that he is a kind, tender, yet hardened soul. Armed with a temper and good intentions, Fazbear usually gets what he wants; usually helping those in need. He broke the fourth wall often, and in a carefree manner, and liked to play pretend and take pictures. However, again, the true ideology behind him is unknown, and his nightly behaviour suggests that he simple wants to A) escape or B) kill.


Fazbear is similiar to that of the current Freddy Fazbear, but, with noticeable differences. For one, his painting is a monochromic grey, and his bowtie is 2 degrees farther to the left than that of Freddy. His feet are also slightly larger, and his teeth are chipped and short. He also posesses no springlocks within his head, and his eyes can be popped out by outside forces. Meanwhile, his right arm is limp, and the stomach and forearm areas are rusted.


  • He was inspired by old Disney cartoons, such as Alice's Comedies and Merry Melodies.
  • Oddly, no picture of him has ever featured his eyes.
  • His feet are larger than most other Freddy models.
  • Clicking his nose when on the camera causes a soft boop, followed by rustic laughter.