@memetic_happiness_therapy is an original series created by User:Aidanthehedgehogisawesome. It centers around the title character, a user on Tumblr whom uses memetic science and art skills to make people happier; even if for a day. It has no set universe, and simply takes place in an original "shared universe".

@memetic_happiness_therapy themselves (Description)

@memetic_happiness_therapy is a, seemingly, joyful and helpful user. They make memetic drawings and memes (duh) in order to create or stir an emotion in the viewer. They show incredible art skills and a friendly attitude. A self-portrait shows a large, chubby, yet cloaked body, and small, three-fingered hands. On her hood, there is a stitch to keep it together.


[There's a picture of a sloth.] The caption reads, "what the fuck is this thing seriously"

[Another sloth.] "Someone plx"