December 15, 2017 by POLYBIUSTHEPERNICIOUS


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    like on the gem wikia or something

    or odd wikia if your in for creepypastas and othr creepy shit 

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    everyone beware this man

    he is wanted in 9000 dimensions


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    i made a new wikia

    also i am on this wikias chat rn if anyone wants to join and talk or rp

    also i made a gem wikia for gem ocs

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    reddest decided to explain why he stoppeed talking to me

    n o i c e  a i n t  i t

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    its me the DORITO BOY

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  • Fredbear and freinds

    A Spar

    March 3, 2017 by Fredbear and freinds

    ((NOTE! This is an AU story regarding the AU named Undershards. It is suggested you read that page before proceeding with this story!))

    ((NOTE #2! This is a follow-up to a Previous story I have written. I would suggest reading this first.

    Bryson stood from his couch, on an average, Saturday afternoon, and grabbed his cellular phone, ringing, from a desk near the door. Answering, he barely uttered a single sound before he was met by an intensely shouting voice from the other side of the phone, one that he could immediately recognize as Undyne’s own voice. “Bryson, finally!” He jumped, nearly dropping the phone in surprise at how loudly Undyne’s voice was, and directly in his ear. “Jesus fucking…! What… Do you need, Undyne?” “I want to ask you…

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  • Fredbear and freinds

    The 'New' Fusion

    February 14, 2017 by Fredbear and freinds

    ((NOTE! This is an AU story regarding the AU named Undershards. It is suggested you read that page before proceeding with this story!))

    Bryson awoke on his couch to the sound of three loud knocks on his door. He let out a soft groan, standing and moving to the door. He opened the door, to reveal a woman, being just about 2 inches shorter than him, at 5’3, with light-brown, almost captivating eyes, standing in the doorway, with a male black labrador standing beside her with a harness on, standing at a few inches underneath the girl’s waist. She wore a light-blue blouse on her torso, and some rather nice skinny jeans. Other than a nice silver necklace around her neck, there wasn’t much else she was wearing.

    “Hey Bryson! You ready?” She smiled …

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  • Fredbear and freinds

    You walked down what seemed like an endless flight of stairs. Yet, after what seemed like years of walking, you emerged in a long hall, with pillars on each side in a symmetrical, parallel pattern… However, this was nothing new to them. You’d been through this hall countless times, each time resulting in something different. If you could even call it that. Nothing was truly different, just a small change in dialogue here or there… However, this time, there was something much different. As you walked, their footsteps echoing through the hall, the sunlight shone in through the large, decorative windows, illuminating the hall, giving it a shimmer that made the entire room look golden. The pillars were laced with an shining silver, making the …

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  • A smol bean boi

    I feel horrible.

    I'm being blackmailed, I can't sleep, my step-dad hates me, and my teachers think I'm stupid.

    I can't go on like this.

    It sucks. I only have an hour, because I have to do shit with my brother (hence the blackmail).

    I think I'm going crazy, guys. I can't stop thinking about killing the people I hate. Namely everyone around me. 

    I'll be on the wiki and stuff; but, don't expect much out of me. I think I'm becoming a basket-case.

    Good Dayye.

    -- Aidan

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    November 28, 2016 by XZWSTQIF
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  • A smol bean boi

    Amnesia Fanfiction

    October 12, 2016 by A smol bean boi

    Hey0! Before we begin, I'll be updating this...a loootttt. S0, yeah. Let's begin!

    This takes place in a kinda altered timeline, K?

    17th of May, 1839

    In the tomb of Tin Hinan, Daniel trudged wearily through the dankness of the sewer-esque realm. He sighed, calling out again. "Oswald! Justine, somehow, is worried about you, dammit!" he shouted into the darkness. Justine splashed after him. "Ugh, just because the...accident at the Castle Brenneburg is...was, a thing, doesn't mean that I'm sti-" She was quickly silenced by Daniel as a splosh-splash was heard. Daniel cocked a rifle, aiming. Another on the team; Gabriel, their Outrider, approached. "Sir? We can't  find Oswald either." Daniel glared at him, wanting some silence. The splashes got clo…

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  • A smol bean boi

    True Horror Stories can be submitted if someone goes on Danger Dolan's horror SubReddit. Basically, you find different horror stories, and I'll apply users here to the stories, and write them in the next blog.

    You may find them here.

    • Crystal
    • Aidan
    • Steve
    • Fredbear
    • Bunny
    • Contactor / Splazin
    • Zmu

    Thus far; that is all. See you in the next one; spread this to everyone!

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  • Bunny1002

    Bunny TV Day 3

    August 20, 2016 by Bunny1002

    Bunny1002: Welcome back to Bunny TV! Today we have some special things to talk about, so lets get started.

    Time: 10:39

    Yesterday we caught Grape the skeleton singing on camera!

    • I-I was f-fine,

    • With t-t-t-the wo-woman, who'd c-come in-into Grey's life now a-and then,

    • I w-w-was fin-fine,

    • 'c-cause I-I thought I kn-knew,

    • sh-she di-din't really m-matter,

    • u-until...y-you,

    • I was fi-fine,

    • when you came,

    • and we fought like it was all some littl*error*e game,

    • over him,

    • w-who'd he choose,

    • after the three adventurous years,

    • I

    • never thought I'd...

    • lose.

    • I-it's over, is-isn't it?

    • error*
    • It's over, i-isn't it?

    • Isn't it?

    • Isn't it ov*error*er?

    • I-i-i-i-it's o-over,

    • isn't it?

    • Isn-Isn't over?

    • Isn't it over?

    • Yo-you won,

    • and G-grey cho-choose you,

    • and h-he...l*error*oved you...

    • and h-he's g…

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  • Bunny1002

    Bunny TV Day 2

    August 19, 2016 by Bunny1002

    Bunny1002: Hello Users and Gentle-Users and welcome to our second day of new shows and episodes! Today we will have our news and weather, but.... *drum roll* WE HAVE A GUEST STAR! *clapping track* But... You will have to wait for the end of our program. *boo-ing track*

    Time: 11:18

    Tommy: Hello and welcome to the news. As you may remember yesterday Timmy was killed by sheep. So Sad.

    Tommy: So my dad, Tom told me to take over my brothers job. The sheep are still loose and may run into a cheese nugget fish fish. Killing us all. So now we have two reasons to worry. If you are in these place then evacuate: The Secret City of Crystal, The Inbernet Kingdom, Mt. Ebott, All FNAF like locations and in between them all. So stay out of those areas and ma…

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  • Bunny1002

    Bunny TV

    August 18, 2016 by Bunny1002

    Mettaton: Hello beauties and gentle-beauties and welcome to Mettaton Tonight!!!!1!

     *Throws off costume*

    Bunny1002: It was me.... and also as I type this it's 10:26 in the morning.

    Bunny1002: But let's cut to the news.

    Timmy: Today in the ghost town of the secret wiki a building called "Sheep attack" is now missing a wall due to sheep breaking free. On other news, a giant banana that looks like an orange is coming to destroy the town. if you live in these locations be carefu- *sheep kill Timmy*

    Time: 10:36

    Bobby: there will be popularity storms in these places: Brutal Who AU, Sheep attack, Welcome to the Black Phoenix, I like peanutz, Ender De Ulf Ving, Joachim Ulf Ving, and Chez with a Fez Fez. There will also be a snow storm at Town Center. Al…

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  • A smol bean boi

    Hello, Aidan here! Let's just cut to the chase, amigos:

    I've thought of a series we could do for this Wikia. ERBoTS; Epic Rap Battles of The Secret Wikia. Essentially, we take characters from the Wikia (and maybe others) and pit them against each other in an epic rap battle. A few ideas I had (not--probably--gonna be official, tho, just thoughts/words on a blog) are as follows:

    Crystal vs. Dotas

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  • A smol bean boi

    Dic Soupcan

    July 11, 2016 by A smol bean boi
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