"I've had enough of this. I'm gonna take this shotgun, and shove it up your-*is blown up*"-The Doctor while fighting a Cyberdemon.

Brutal Who is a crossover AU of Brutal Doom and Doctor Who. All needed information can be found here:

Brutal Who was inspired by Markiplier's playthrough of Brutal Doom, as well as the creator's love for Doctor Who. Another contributing factor is that "Brutal Who" had a nice ring to it, and calling it "Doctor Doom" would be tacky and confusing. If/when the creator of the AU learns to code and/or create games, Brutal Who may soon get a game for it.

In the original plot, the Daleks would have hooked the Pandorica up to a computer in the middle of a game of Brutal Doom whilst the Doctor was inside of the Pandorica. The Doctor would then be forced to battle hordes of Demons, Zombiemen and Soldiers while trying to escape the Pandorica.

Another version of the plot was that the Cybus Cybermen would tear a hole between Brutal Doom's universe and the Doctor Who universe. The Doctor and Brutal Doom Guy would team up to fight the Cybermen and Demons.

The creator went with the plot in his Google Docs page because it was more original. He has also hinted that the "technology" may or may not be Mr. Smith from The Sarah Jane Adventures.

That is all for now. Check back anytime to see if anything's been updated!