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What is Bunny Jar?

Bunny Jar is a search engine I created that is still in Alpha. It takes wikipedia, wikileaks, wikictionary, reddit, and NASA articles to show you more information on what you searched, it also shows youtube videos, twitter and facebook posts, and whatever is on tumblr (aidan told me to put it on). It will show you what the internet has been up to depending on your search, and also lets you look at images.


There are 6 category's:

All Results




Fairy Tale


These are in alpha right now, so don't be mad at me when it fails. Currently, the category's show the same results as All Results. If you go into images though, you can find different images. The weird thing about it right now is that you find images in each category, but All Results doesn't have all images that are shown in each category. Another interesting thing is that Sci-fi usually thinks its Anime.

Yeah, I know, it's just words saying Bunny Jar. But Google won't let me change that, so until I figure out coding for the thing it won't have a logo, and I will put the planned logo here soon.