"h-h-heya, k-kiddo. i-i-i-i'm d-doctor s-sans! p-people call me d-d-doctor g-grape, though."

Doctor Grape is an alternate universe version of Sans the Skeleton. A fusion of the Science!Sans AU and Mettatale AU, he becomes a bit like Alphys. NOTE: This information is coming form the creator, the creator's friend, and the creator's friend's fanfictions.


Real name: Dr. Sans Gaster

Other names: Grape, Doc, Doctor, G

Abilities: Bookster Blaster summoning (his equivalent of a Gaster Blaster), Bonekineses(? IDK WHAT IT'S CAAALLLED), Short range teleportation

Friends: Geno, Grey(~), Blue, Gaster, Death (the Sans) and his pet; Grape Jr.

More detailed relationships


In his universe, Gaster is his father, so it's no reason Grape and Gaster become friends.

Grey (Entropy!Sans)

Grape formed a small...crush on him. Kinda awkward, since Grey is "straight as a board".

Grape Jr.

Grape Jr. is his name for the Purple Soul, which he stole from Alphys. He loves his little pet above all else, except, of course, Grey.

Blueberry/Blue (Underswap!Sans)

Grape and Blue became friends pretty quickly, since they're both cinnamon BUNS. Also, Blue took care of Grape Jr. for a while.

Death (Reapertale!Sans)

...i forgot how they interacted with each other. frick

Appearance and Personality

Grape is basically a lazy, fabulous Alphys. Also, he a fag, lol. Appearance-wise, he wears a monocle. He wears a scientist coat, and pink high heels, along with black spandex pants. He has a black sweater with a small red heart on it, as well.


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Images by Steve.