"I'm Peridot Faucet 660-988-0-993. Everyone else calls me Dotas, though."

Dotas is a Peridot of Blue Diamond's court. He is known for his intense studies of Human Culture, and Earth itself.


Dotas looks like a normal limb-enhancer wearing Peridot. However, he is known for wearing a red bowtie, blue-ish cloak, and, sometimes, a steampunk top hat.


Dotas has an obvious love of steampunk, and, Human Culture. He is usually secretive, yet cheerful, and likes an Earth show, Doctor Who.

Powers and Weapons

  • Gem Destabilizer: Dotas usually carries a GD, however, his is decked out in leather.
  • Magnetized Gear Blades: A weapon he created himself, the Gear Blades act as bladed boomerangs, hitting things from a distance, and than coming back.
  • Wall Walking: He is capable of walking on walls, like most Peridots.
  • Geokinesis: He can move rocks small distances...very, very small distances.


  • This is the creator's first SU OC on this wikia.