Ender is a retired Demonic Knight Soldier, traumatized from his past experiences. Ender is a half-human half-demon born and raised in Seypli in Diveria, and has somehow not gone insane due to what happened in his life. Born from a human mother, and a demon father, he enjoys the strengths of demons and humans. Has a brother whom he hates more than the Demonic Knight Soldiers.

He wears a white longcoat, black undershirt, black jeans, dark brown boots, a white belt, and a red handkerchief on his neck. Has an eyepatch covering his left eye, but as to why, nobody knows. He is 37 years old, with big blonde hair, thick eyebrows, and appears to be caucasian. He carries a very large sword that he calls the Zauganuto, but some have seen him with another, just as large sword. He also has a set of Demonic Knight armor that is missing the leggings and boots, and while wearing it, it can make him look much more intimidating.


Alignment: Good

Date of Birth: 05/05/1980

Birthplace: Seypli, Diveria

Height: 6'7''

Likes: Being alone, resting, and collecting ancient swords.

Loves: Big, slow weapons that deal massive damage.

Dislikes: Fighting an opponent weaker than him (especially if they don't give up fighting), remembering the past, and dull swords.

Hates: Guns, his brother, and his past.

Eye Color: Onyx black

Hair Color: Blonde

Hobbies: Riding and tuning motorcycles, helping the weak, and listening to heavy metal.

Status: Alive


Early life

Ender, when he was young, wasn't really accepted by the humans due to being a hybrid. He was mostly ignored and ignored because humans though he was just another demon in Diveria, which led to him not meeting much of anyone at all. On the other side, he was treated well by his mother, and always stuck by her side. He didn't like his father much, all because of his father was ordered to train Ender for him become a Demonic Knight in the future. Being happy with his mother changed very quickly when he turned 10 years old. His mother vanished with no trace, leaving him alone with his father and brother. Later, he met a girl named Lucia. Being very kind to him, Ender thought she was the only person who understood him, and Lucia actually liked him for who he is. They quickly became very loving to each other, and started a relationship.

As a Demonic Knight Soldier

Ender joined the Demonic Knight Soldiers at age 21, after 11 years of training. He quickly rose through the ranks while doing his missions very well, garnering him his own armor. He has had some ups and downs in regards to when he received orders. He once received an order to kill innocent people, leading him to outright murdering his general in front of the other Knights. He didn't leave yet, going now under orders of a new general. Everything was fine until he realized the Demonic Knights use the element of Chaos, which is extremely powerful, but has the negative side-effect of corrupting the user and slowly make them go insane. He left the Demonic Knights after realizing this, but also got a little corrupted due to not knowing this sooner, which will now grow overtime.

After leaving the Demonic Knight Soldiers

He escaped to Mryran with Lucia, where he found his brother, Dreadnaught, with the aforementioned Chaos element, experimenting on demons. This leads him to the first battle he wasn't ordered to do. After this battle, Dreadnaught gives Ender a speech about how he's gonna save the Mryran demons, and then knocks out Lucia and Ender, teleporting them to different places.

(Story is incomplete. Please be patient while I try to come up with more of it.)


Though often just silent and unusually harsh at times, he is a strange mix of loner, anti-social, and kind. Most of the time, he doesn't really care for others, especially if they angered him slightly. This makes it hard to be friends with him, as he usually just walks away before the person he just passed could have a simple 'Hello'. Other times, he helps anyone who's in trouble, often putting himself in danger, but his heavy amount of determination allows him to overcome any battles, even if the opponent is massively stronger than him.

His sanity is very fragile, easily becoming unwilling to do anything if one where to remember him about the past and joking about it.


Zauganuto - His favorite sword. Made from Devilium, and enchanted with fire, but he can only unleash the fire when he's truly angered. Most just call it a paddle, due to how large it is. Ender actually doesn't even intend to cut with this damn thing, due to him just focused on brute force. Does more crushing than cutting.

Beck's Wolf Bind - 6 feet long sword. It isn't as ridiculous as the Zauganuto. Ender got this sword by taking it from a statue of his grandfather, Beck the Elder God of Wolves. It is much stronger than the Zauganuto. Being infused with a vengeful wolf's soul, he can summon wolves by stabbing it into the floor. It also has a hidden power, but Ender can't seem to trigger it...


Lucia - "Can we please not talk about her anymore...?" [Dead girlfriend. She's has been killed due to unknown causes, but it was right before Ender came in into the scene.]

Dreadnaught - "Damn him to hell..." [His brother. Ender absolutely despises him, and only wants him to die.]

Derek [He became friends with him on his way to kill Dreadnaught.]

Worgir - "No, I refuse to talk about him..." [Ender's now dead father. He didn't like his father much as a child, but he didn't want him to die.]

Neshe - "..." [Dead or disappeared mother. Ender just wants her to come back.]

Gurutchi - "My wonderful creation." [Ender made Gurutchi for the sole purpose of fighting Dred with it, but he'd rather have a battle companion to go along with him and Derek.]

Thalia - "*sigh* That girl again?" [Ex-wife. Ender doesn't really like her after the divorce happened.]


Brace [They met in a bar, and talked a little, before Ender left with too much drunkness.]

Winter - "She's... rather cheerful." [He met her while talking with Markus.]

Geoph and Gina - "Only seen em' entangling their vines and playing around." [Randomly met Geoph when speaking with Derica, and Gina when he was walking through the forest, and took her home.]


Sword Slashes [Your normal attacks. Can be combo'ed up in surprising ways.]

JudgmentCut [A form of Iaijutsu, and pretty powerful at that. Ender swings his sword so fast it creates 7 slashes in front of him.]

Million Stabs [Ender thrusts his sword at lightning speed millions of times, ending with a power stab.]

Head Splitter [Ender raises his sword, and swings downwards with force. Has enough capacity to chop a head clean in half.]

Issen [AKA Critical] || [Ender, if attacked, on the right time, will dodge the attack like it was nothing, and a flash of light will appear, as massive damage is dealt.]

Zantetsuken/Zantetsuken Prime [lit. Iron-Cutting Sword] || Ender will charge his attack up. Notice the white feathers. He will then slash forwards faster than the eye can see, having a chance to completely making the opponent die, although this chance is very small, it still poses danger. Prime makes the chance become a 15% of instant kill.

Triple Suplex || Ender will first try to stun the opponent with two powerful punches, turn them around, wrap his arms around their stomach, and begin to deal 3 POWERFUL SUPLEXES one after another. And then he finishes with a jumping spinning piledriver. Does massive damage.