"This is the Flea. He makes people itchy. And then he shoots them."

"Well, zat escalated quickly." -A conversation between the Administrator and the Medic.


The Flea is a mercenary and the 10th class. He was originally for the game T.A.B.S. (Totally Accurate Battle Simulator) but, the creator decided otherwise. He is a flea.


The Flea was originally a normal flea; no weapons, no anything. As a flea, he one day wondered onto the battle field of the Gravel Wars, and latched onto the RED Scout. The Scout, however, managed to locate the small insect, and flicked him onto a teleporter. However, on the other side, a drunken BLU Scout had spilled Bonk! Atomic Punch onto the teleporter whilst a Spy was jamming it with a Sapper. The combination of the Bonk!, Sapper and teleporter caused the flea to evolve. He became intelligent, and got thumbs. Dazed, he managed to find himself in the Administrator's office. Seeing a potential weapon in the creature, she supplied it to the RED and BLU teams, to test his abilities.


Smoke Gun

The Smoke Gun is a weapon designed to hide his entrances and escapes. It also works as a weapon, as the smoke emits a Poison effect.

Boing! Killer

From the Boing! Weapons franchise, the Killer is an automatic pistol, small enough for the Flea to hold. It shoots as soon as it senses someone from the other team, locking on and firing instantly.

Ticking Tick

A ticking time bomb programmed to act like a tick, it's the perfect bomb, as it is incredible hard to spot.

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