"The amazing AU where everything is mine, and I am everything. This is my world, and my world alone." - Grillby

Grillby's AU (also known as Grillby's World) is an UnderTale AU taking place after several runs in the UnderTale game.



It began as normal.

The human falls.

Kills someone.


The human falls.

Saves someone.

Over and over and over and over and over and over...

But someone got tired of it.

Tired of just watching.

And thus, HE got rid of the human.

With sheer 'fire' alone. The flames of untapped DETERMINATION, one that HE didn't know he had.

The idea of that much power ALONE killed the human.

But the usage...

It was HIS world now.

And his alone...

Canon Characters

  • Grillby : HE is a dark silhouette, merged partially with the counter and background. HE is capable of shifting the universe to his will, thus how he made HIS restaurant the entirety of that universe. HE is capable of using the Fire Exit as a 'Back Door' out of HIS universe and into another.
  • Bird Couple : The bird couple 'fell down', and their matter was partially merged to the counter and HIM. HE uses them as sorts of puppets to communicate to HIS subjects.
  • Plant Monster : The Plant Monster was possessed by Chara in their attempt to escape. They keep relatively silent for the most part, as to avoid discovery.
  • Dog Couple : The two dogs attempted to speak out against HIM, and were of course killed and absorbed.
  • Greater Dog : The insides of Greater Dog were removed for food, before being stuffed with fluff and sown back together.
  • Doggo : Doggo, after the murder and stuffing of Greater Dog, fell into a depression. To combat this, HE summoned 'weed biscuits' to Doggo, thought they barely helped.
  • Lesser Dog : Lesser Dog is more or less the same, but can usually be found eating Greater Dog's organs from a bowl.
  • Bunny Creature : The bunny creature died after the death of the Greater Dog. One eye is missing, and squished on the table in front of her.
  • Grey Creature : The grey creature has become a glitch through unknown means. However, they are in intense pain.
  • The Player : The Player is the Human of another timeline. After the destruction of their timeline, they were thrown out of that universe, and landed into HIS world via the 'Back Door'. They are welcome into HIS AU, as long as they don't try anything...


  • Grillby%27sAU.png The image created by the user.
  • The AU serves as a sequel to the original UnderTale Genocide Route. It suggests that this is the actual mentality of Grillby.
  • Grillby being referred to as 'HE' is a reference to the Christian God, which he more or less is now.
  • The Player's original universe is implied through dialogue to be either UnderFell or UnderTale EX.