"Horror is only that of an error with the minds of the human race. The error that we create it, and the error that we fear it." - User:Aidanthehedgehogisawesome

Horror.jpeg : True Stories is a collaborative work of true events within people's lives. It was created by Aidanthehedgehogisawesome, based on the Twilight Zone TV show.


All stories listed here are completely and totally true; even to the smallest detail.

The Dream

The creator had a dream in which he was in the TARDIS after crash landing in Arkham. The lights were out and the power was dead, aside from a camera system. Going through the cameras; he discovered that a colour out of space had hit the TARDIS, and it was now infested with Weeping Angels. After seemingly hours, the creator woke up, but, as soon as he went down the hallway, he was greeted by an Angel in a black cloak, which touched him and sent him; seemingly; to Hell.

His dreams have seemingly bled into reality; and he hasn't slept well, since.