Irons are a Generation Two soldier Gem created for the court of Yellow Diamond. Irons are primarily used as cannon fodder, and intelligent Irons are generally considered rare. Irons are also used to deliver messages, as bodyguards, and as pilots.

Origin of the species

Irons were created during a secret mining operation in Moscow, Russia, created and lead by Yellow Diamond to destroy the Crystal Gems. However, Yellow quickly abondoned the project, due to capturing Steven.

The project was dormant before it was revived by Yellow after Steven's escape from Homeworld. The project lasted several months before a result was made: Large, Wyverm-esque creatures created purely from iron. The creatures were, fittingly, named Irons, and were quickly taken back to Homeworld for training.


Irons are large, quadrupedal humanoids resembling Wyverms, though at the size of an above-average human male. Irons have snake-like, skeletal faces, and spikes lining their necks up to their backs. Replacing their arms are large, bat-like wing appendages, with three fingers ending them. Each Iron has only three toes, and, all Irons are incredibly shiny.


  • Shapeshifting
  • Weapon creation (pike)
  • Flight (low-altitidute)
  • Incredibly dense


  • The only reason this page was even made is because Fred reminded me to do it. XD
  • The concept had been developing for some time, spanning six months.