Pyrolusite is an unaligned gem, currently hiding out in Beach City, in unknown areas of the town. She is a quiet, conniving, and manipulative, finding enjoyment in watching the suffering, both emotional and mental, of other beings, gem or biological.


Pyrolusite’s body is an extremely tall and lanky build, being about 6’8 tall, and having little body thickness, if any. Pyrolusite is a blackish gray, matching his gemstone, which is placed on the palm of her hand. Her hands are long, almost unnaturally so. She has white-sclera’d eyes, set off by their pure black pupils. Her hair is coarse, begin a dark-purple, wavy mass that flows to about her mid-back.

Pyrolusite appears wearing a black tuxedo-coat over a white shirt, with a navy blue tie showing from the top. Her pants are standard for the suit she’s wearing, being a grey color, along with the shoes. As well, one of her eyes are rimmed with a large, round monocle, that is connected to the shoulder of her shirt.


Pyrolusite could be best described as a sadistic manipulator. She enjoys bringing pain and suffering to others, to an immense level, and often finds ways to do it in a roundabout way that masks his identity completely and leaves her untraceable, making her a hassle for anyone trying to hunt her down.

She’s also a very persuasive speaker, her vocal range being very large, and being able to easily project emotions into her voice, when her or not she actually feels this emotion. As well, her voice is rather soothing to those who are suffering from large amounts of anxiety, and panic.




Gem Abilities

Pyrolusite only has two real gem abilities. The first is her ability to shapeshift, which is standard for gems. The other ability is the ability to influence and corrupt the minds of organic matter, and the gemstones of other gems. When this happens, the affected will have some sign they are under Pyrolusite’s influence, be it a change in color of eyes, body shade, or even the gemstone of other gems. When this happens, they are completely compliant to Pyrolusite, and won’t hesitate to follow most orders.

However this takes a lot of time, several days even, to do, and if it’s too quick or too strong, the recipient will be able to feel it physically interfering with them. As well, this can be used defensively, as if she does this to anyone hard enough. It will induce a spontaneous migraine.

If she is shattered at any point during this control, the control will be released completely. However, if she is poofed, the control doesn’t cease immediately. The affected will still attempt to follow up on their orders from her until she’s either shattered, or for several days.

Other Abilities

Other than these two abilities, Pyro doesn’t have much in the way of speed, strength, or stamina. The only thing she really has is her manipulative manner