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ROVER 87 Is a video game made by yours truly, Bunny1002. The game is focused around a ship known as ROVER 87 in his fight against a rebellion. There is currently only one level. The game has goals like defending a base, gathering crystals, and capturing the flag.


In a dimension where ships have A.I., a rebellion has formed, ruled by ROVER 87's best friend, ROVER 86. ROVER 86 is first seen at level one where he is guarding the flag. He will appear again and again, trying to stop you.


arrow keys to move, spacebar to fire.

The Game

Level One:

Level Two:

In level two, you will notice that you have a helper. Also, one of the health packs is next to an enemy, causing you to touch the enemy. That robot will turn purple, and help you. Another thing is you have a 2 minute 15 second time limit, lol.