Item #: SCP-600-A

Object Class: Euclid / Explained

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-600-A is to be contained, at all times, within an iron-clad titanium cage; with three "layers". These "layers" must be guarded and monitored at all times. No one aside from 05 Officers that have been specifically ordered to guard the subject are allowed in the vicinity. Any lower class officer seen near or inside will be immediately terminated on sight, at all costs.

Updated Containment Procedures: SCP-600-A was recently discovered to have an odd fear of the original SCP-600; SCP-600 is sent within the "layers" whenever a problem arises. Experimentation is banned.

Description: SCP-600-A is a humanoid, tall black [REDACTED] with flesh made of leather. Ticking is often heard from it, and steam usually pours out of it's eyes and mouth. It was created in the compounds of the Foundation, in an experiment between SCP-127, SCP-600 and SCP-2151 (-A and -B.) Though the experiment itself was not recorded, the result was responsible for the deaths of Dr. ██, agents ██ and ██, as well as the death of 05 Officer ██. As stated in [REDACTED], experimentation is disallowed completely; due to another causality in the form of Monsieur ██ and Senorita ██.

Addendum: "Be weary, men. Be alert. No unauthorized officer enters the compound and exits alive." - Dr. ██