Item #: SCP-Something, Something-J

Object Class: Safe, awaiting command to be made Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-Something, Something-J must be contained within a steel-cased Satanic Bible written over with the map to Atlantis and the Square-Root of Negative Infinity, and than placed within a [DATE EXPUNGED by Dr. Bright].

Description: SCP-Something, Something-J is a [REDACTED]-shaped [REDACTED]hole made of [REDACTED]s. [142Q@EWHIRsDr.Bright is bestest] - SCP-2772 is not allowed; despite ANY form of hypnosis - Oddly, it seems [rj etjrhAJAJSJI@#$$#$$#$#$tveff1___]

An interview / torture system for Dr. Bright has been placed and recorded.

Interview Transcript:

Dr. Bright: (Entering the door) "EEEw, it's all gross and slimy and eewww..."

SCP-Something, Something-J: *growling*

Officer Evan: "What...what the...?!"

SCP-Something, Something-J: *barking*

Dr. Bright: "EEEEWWW IT'S GROSS!!"

The recording glitches out, seemingly due to [efg rhrgtuhJSDJ!!@ Totall y not Dr. Brigh r jT]

Amnedum: Dr. Bright will be issued to ofr jg[fnfnfnf rgwreioeihASBFS]