"Well, guess what? I DUN GIVVA FUCK! KK?!" - To someone begging for mercy

The Cogworx is a large, rodent-esque robot made of cogs and gears, acting as a "Plot Reaper" ( ), and hunting those deemed "unneeded".

The Faceless Rodent

The Cogworx is a terrifying beast that chases ANYONE across ANY UNIVERSE. As it's job as Plot Reaper, the Cogworx effectively erases and destroys unneeded characters, ranging from Mary Sues to Heroes' Mentors. The creature is described as a large rat made of gears and pipes, covered in a black, transparent cloak. The Cogworx has a gear for a face, with a pipe handle sticking out as a nose. LED lights serve as it's eyes.

Powers and abilities

  • Quantum Eraser - The Cogworx has a large, metal pole, serving as a sort of eraser. It can create large rifts in reality and other fabrics.
  • Spinning Gear Blade - A large spiked gear.
  • Karmic Death - The ability to cause a karmic death.
  • Heroic Sacrifice - The ability to cause a heroic sacrifice.


Mr. B0ne Z0ne (Lurk)

Mr. B0ne Z0ne is and enemy of the Cogworx, as he has been deemed "unneeded".