"I am a strawberry" -Giant Banana

The giant Banana of 2016 is a series of story's about a banana made by Bunny1002

Story 1

There was once a a giant banana named grape. He looked like an orange, of course. He would always say he was a strawberry, but people would tell him he was a banana. One day he got so angry about this that he destroyed Canada for no reason. Then he went and took a nap. But people went a shot him. I have no clue where this story is going. But he went and destroyed the Earth. THE END. Now go and read this to children and confuse them.

Story 2

Grape decided that he would judge all worlds, And destroy them anyways. He went and ate the solar system. Then he went and blew up all the Kepler planets. After that he destroyed the galaxy in any way possible. Then he ripped apart time it's self. THE END.

Story 3

Grape the orange-looking banana then went a ripped apart other timelines. He even smashed a few together. After destroying 3/4's of the omniverse he destroyed my computer and was never seen again. But he's gonna come back in a role play most likely to destroy it.

THE END (of the omniverse)

P.S. This was written badly on purpose. Do Not Judge