(NOTE:This is an Original Character regarding the fandom of the show 'Steven Universe'. As normal, SU belongs to Cartoon Network and Rebecca Sugar, etc.)

Tourmaline is the result of Fluorite and Jasper fusing.


Standing as tall as Opal, Tourmaline has a muscular build, with broadened shoulders and large body. She has as well four large arms, that she can somehow flex, despite having no real muscles. Her body is also muscular, almost human-like, with an actual six-pack, that can, once again, be flexed.

Her body is a bright brown color, specifically a tawny shade, with different, slightly brighter brown, specifically a peanut shade. Her eyes are blue, with yellow pupils, and bright, vibrant hair that all flows on the left side of her hair. The gemstones located on her palm and forearm of the same arm are both the same color and cut as her individual pieces.


Again, like her individual pieces, Tourmaline has two very drastically different sides to the same person, and she can switch between the two quickly. One of her halves is incredibly calm and collected, which makes her quite a deadly force in battle, being able to properly plan out attacks and strike enemies when at their weakest.

However, unluckily enough, this is not commonly her personality when she's in a fight. Normally, she will be completely enraged while in a fight, having full intent to cause harm to the other. She commonly acts like this if her or any of her individual parts were harmed in any way by the person being attacked, both physically or emotionally.


The 'Rolling Blade'

Also inter-changeably called the 'Blade Runner,' Tourmaline breaks off the head on Fluorite's great axe and attaches a razor blade to it. She uses this weapon in a way that can only be described as a giant pizza cutter. However, despite how it sounds, it's actually quite a versatile weapon when used in practice.

Simple Charging

She can simply run the blade of the weapon across the ground, running across it, like that of the inkbrush in Splatoon.

Detaching Blade

While an uncommon use ability, she can fire off the blade of her weapon to fly around independently. This does, however, leave her without a form of close ranged defense outside of this.

Of course, she can still use this weapon for basic attacks and defenses.


Strangely enough, while neither gem has an actual manipulation ability, when fused, they have the ability to manipulate molten rocks; Otherwise known as magma, or lava.

Along with these two new abilities, she has the same ability as her two other parts.