Bunny1002: Hello Users and Gentle-Users and welcome to our second day of new shows and episodes! Today we will have our news and weather, but.... *drum roll* WE HAVE A GUEST STAR! *clapping track* But... You will have to wait for the end of our program. *boo-ing track*

Time: 11:18

Secret Wiki News

Tommy: Hello and welcome to the news. As you may remember yesterday Timmy was killed by sheep. So Sad.

Tommy: So my dad, Tom told me to take over my brothers job. The sheep are still loose and may run into a cheese nugget fish fish. Killing us all. So now we have two reasons to worry. If you are in these place then evacuate: The Secret City of Crystal, The Inbernet Kingdom, Mt. Ebott, All FNAF like locations and in between them all. So stay out of those areas and maybe hide here: The Bunker.

Time: 11:47

Secret Wiki Weather

Bobby: Hello there people. So today will be bright and sunny with temperatures of 9,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 degrees Fahrenheit. This is because the Giant banana that is incoming is causing extreme climate changes. Also, expect it to go freezing cold to super hot for the next 4 years.

Time: 11:52

Guest Interview

Bunny1002: AND NOW... The moment you've all been waiting for.... The Interview!!! *clapping track*

So we have here... Brutal Who Doctor!

Bunny1002: What is your favorite color?

Brutal!Doctor: Blue.

Bunny1002: Do you like turtles?

Brutal!Doctor: No. I like killing demon robot turtles, however. Does that count?

Bunny1002: No. You're a terrible person.

Bunny1002: Is this wiki dead?

Brutal!Doctor: Aside from chat, yes.

Bunny1002: Are you scared about the incoming banana?

Brutal!Doctor: Nah, I survived the Cybermen-Daemon War, and I still am. I’ll be fine.

Bunny1002: Do you like butterscotch or Cinnamon?

Brutal!Doctor: I like Sonic-powered guns.

Bunny1002: I know you like Sonic-powered guns over Butterscotch and Cinnamon, but do you like all 3?

Brutal!Doctor: No.

Bunny1002: Creepy weirdo.

Bunny1002: What is your favorite type of gem?

Brutal!Doctor: Any type that kills Daemons.

Time: 12:05

Game Show Round!

Bunny1002: Now for the moment you've haven't been waiting for... GAME SHOW TIME!

Bunny1002: What are the first 3 digits of Pi?

Brutal!Doctor: I don’t f**()ing care.

Bunny1002: What happens if a sheep attack hits a cheese nugget fish fish?

Brutal!Doctor: Better question; how do you survive in a Cybus attack in a Daemon raid while your Sonic Railguns are on low power?

Bunny1002: What begins with an ‘Sh’ and ends with a “o” and can be wind, sand, water, lava, nuclear, oil, or lightning?

Brutal!Doctor: Sharknado. Or Shakrinado,  depends on which Time Lord you’re asking.

Bunny1002: You got the first two wrong and the last one right so you have -1 points!

Time: 12:08.

Good bye everyone! And comment if you or your character want to be interviewed! Bunny1002 (talk) 17:09, August 19, 2016 (UTC)